"Create your own world"


Create your own identity" at least that's what they tell us, that's what I hear. See I live in a world where everything is everywhere, a world where there is just TOO much of EVERYTHING and not enough of me. A world were people rather act and be everyone else but themselves. This is probably brought upon the fact that we really do not know who we are and we try to find ourselves in other people. I mean- I can tell you my name,  my skills, the personality traits I acquire, but is that enough for you to know who I truly am?- I DON'T BELIEVE SO- while most can get an idea you still don't know ME, what I am, who and what I stand for, for I myself am still trying to figure it all out.

I find pleasure in all the things that brings color, excitement and happiness into my life- WHO DOESN'T?- this all includes music, fashion, dance, books, education, travel, culture and people. All these essential elements, I look up to for inspirations, motivation, reasoning, they all bring life into my creative thinking and doings.

-They say "find your passion", "do what you love", at least that's what I hear and as far I am concerned fashion is my passion-corny, I know- but truth.

While many may view it as an non-necessity or "just not as important" I DON"T because like I mentioned earlier in one of my popular post FASHION IS CULTURE, in that culture history exist, Fashion is the past, present, and future. It tells us a story, its tells us about people and the world we once lived in, the world we in live today and will be living in soon enough.

-While I am still trying to figure out what is I want to bring to life into this blog-bare with me- my life is everywhere just like the rest of the world. For now, I am just a college fashion major student sharing my experiences, creative ventures, photography, writings with YOU in the attempt to inspire and motivate those too who are

trying to figure it ALL OUT

.  I hope you stay tuned .....

xoxo, SHE