The Reason Why Fashon Is Dead

The Reason Why Fashon Is Dead

& now we're in miami ;)

Information, internet stuff, current pop culture, social media, Instagram, creatives, the masses & so much more … as we get real w/ MZ.

"Started a website at 16, got into law school, continued to shoot, while at law school & business school, then graduated …. & now we’re in Miami ! "

The ultimate bad-ass of them all, and no she is NOT a fashion street-style blogger ! she's like i mentioned earlier a bad-ass! Coming in strong with a good couple of job titles under her belt only at the age of 23. If you don't know her, that's fine but real quick: Margaret Zhang is a Consultant, photographer, writer, stylist who just recently released her first photo essay book - which i have coming in the mail - "In the Youth of Our Fury: a Volume of Photo Essays by Margaret Zhang"- who runs also happens to run a blog. Nonetheless give it a hear and below are a few of my favorite worthy reminders/quotes.


That’s like the most difficult question
& it changes depending who I’m with - you get the whole picture.

So, I’m a consultant ... marketing, digital, branding, e-commerce, retail strategy, for a range of brands (fashion, music, art, start-ups, established corporations ect.) Then, fashion photographer, styling, a lot of free-lance writing … yea I think that’s about it .. amongst other things ...


Q: How can I become famous on Instagram ...
What do you have to say about that M ?  "Get bigger goals girlfriend!"

Q: How do I become a street style star? How do I become a fashion icon?

Marget's expert advice: "Like those aren't jobs, there not things!"

Now let's gets real & take a moment to get educated and schooled

Q: How do we hold peoples attention again ?

M take the mic,

By knowing what your talking about, by having the education & having the knowledge to be able to backup what your saying.

Its the harder thing to do ... about having longevity, looking to the future & seeing that your responsibility is not to get people to click on this right now and get there attention for 20 sec. Its to educate them and maybe have less people click on but educate those 100 as oppose to a million [for] your actual opinion

Real valuable information, people don’t know that they want to know it yet.


no fame, no ego