First and foremost, happy new year guys ! I hope it was one spent with great love and top-of-the-line company. 

I’m thankful to see another year and looking forward to what I strive to pull out of the rabbits hat in 2017. I wanted to make a list of 10 reminders to myself this year & share with you a couple from my "butcha sh*t" list. BUT. first I want to start with my Instagram post on the eve of (DEC 31st) the following: 

I wanna take this day slow, revisit the beginning and reminisce on every detail of its past. I don't believe in new things, only continuation & progress. Today, the#LastDayOf2016 - another year now embedded in our history - we reflect, pause, rethink and adjust because 2016 was only the start, just like any other year #2017 will be the addition, the bonus we are given, not to waste or bask in the mistakes but to thrive, excel, master and continue [to] hustle.

and that pretty sums up what any and every New Years means to me. Another year to Do Better, Be Better.



Moving forward, I can’t pin point what it is exactly I want to make out of this year but the following is an overview of what's cooking thus far.

  1. This website - I will continue updating the site. This year I want to deliver at 2 post each week and add new styling and photo works every other day.

  2. Friends & More - the older I get the more and more I realize that quality friends truly make all the difference. So as this sector goes, I will be more open-minded and sensitive to meeting more like-minded, inspiring and respectful people in hopes of building strong relationships.
  3. Video life - the new wave of social media and the social life. Will try to implement more video into my work and any behind the scenes worthy happenings. 
  4. Continue to help grow Style Link Miami and create a buzz around the #StyleInTheCity campaign - which looks to link both local and worldwide city girls through style and fashion. 
  5. Consistency, Consistency, Consistency - remembering this is the key to anything that I strive to do and want to succeed in ! 
  6. Picking and sticking to a balanced diet routine that best suits my lifestyle and standards to maintain high levels of energy throughout the day while decreasing fatigue or burnout. 
  7. Publish my first coffee book of my styled and photographed fashion editorials. 
  8. Beauty & Fashion - 1. Invest in better wardrobe items, 2. keep up with a steady skincare regimen, 3. Bring out the afro more often & 4. maintain nails and eyebrows at all times
  9. Continue uploading and sharing my closet on Poshmark @houseshe and increase IG following at @shophouseshe by 15%
  10. Lastly, assemble a small team to assist on Style Link Miami and IP projects

I’d love to hear what YOUR 2017 SELF-REMINDERS ARE. Let me know in the comments.


Dress& Scarfby Seta Apparel //Booties @ StyleLinkMiami.com Styling & Photography by illy perez