If you don't keep up with me through my here and there postings on Instagram or tune in on my Snapchat (she_illy)  for photo-shoot happenings & other, then it's safe to say I’m irrelevant. But no worries I will continue:

As of lately things have just been moving faster then usual.

With continuous photo-shoots, Style Link Miami, interesting and not so interesting people, meetings on vanilla ice-cream meetings, drama, models, new photographers - old photographers, new locations, the end to my Dexter re-run rotations and I say that as press play on season 1 of greys anatomy (all over again), HOUSE-OF-SHE remodeling, and the list can go on .....

But. let me bring you to the now, as I sit here at the beginning of a Friday night, 4AM EST. & contemplate whether I should have something to eat, go to bed and finish this tomorrow or just keep going ….

For the most part today was a good day, I had the pleasure of styling and working with a great team at such a beautiful location & even better cars to play with. While I told myself awhile back I needed to not take in any more side projects - then Maury called me talking about, “That was a lie”, reasoning being, the collabs have just been getting SAUCY, i cant say no to good SAUCE !

In the meantime, I'll drop a quick coming up gallery of the following projects in the works ! - excited to share :) 

p.s. i decided to get something to eat.



BTS: Kiki x 2020 Photography

Styling by yours truly // Model Kiki Karth // Photographer 2020 Photography // MUA Beauty Blush // Selected styled and accessories provided by Style Link Miami



Styling by yours truly // Model Lisa Sade // Photographer Tirro & Styles & Accessries provided by Style Link Miami & Spin Gallery


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