Eventsilly perez


Eventsilly perez

Rock Bar - Miami Beach

 What a hell of a night !!! & I mean that. From getting ready inside taxis, to running into people who thought you never see again,to making new friends - I use the term loosely, to a nice stroll on the beach, to getting home at 5 a.m. & knocking dee fvck out!

 "Yea last night was a tease, only because it's still not spring break for me - I got two more weeks."

But of course this all wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for, two very talented young men  putting this Spring Break GQ celebration together at the ROKBAR - Mr. Hyde Himself & Yerrbeats. So thank you for putting in the time, thought & sleep - they hustle don't stop.

P.S. For More info on these me checkout HydeYerrBeats