illy perez


illy perez

I must say, as much I enjoyed my spring break I'm glad I'm back -- I know, weird - but what school does to me is exactly what I need, it focuses me, gets me back on track with my goals and fuels the engine to my momentum. Now, of course towards the finish I'm just like, lets be done with it already but only because I know we'll be back at the start, once again.

This semester is going to be very interesting, I have Sales Promotion - I've heard only great things about the course and the teacher, so that's always a plus, I also have Introduction to Cosmetics and Fragrances which is as interesting as it sounds; we learn everything about the BEAUTY industry, along with creating our own products and all that fun stuff - if your girl, lol, lastly ENGLISH II which I must say is going to be ... something, I haven't decided what word I'm going to describe this course, as much as I love analyzing and being a smart ass, breaking down and interpreting english satire novels haven't been exactly my for-tay throughout my life, but it's something new and I'm always eager to learn anything that I don't already, so BRING IT

Another thing I do love about this semester is the schedule times, because now I have more time for posts, both informative and personal. I'm working on some new things and kinda restructuring along the way, so better things are to come - patience - especially for my fashion seekers.

With that being said, I hope you stick around. 

But before you go, I put together a miniof the good times with some some great company during my Spring Break.