Well if it's Flash Dance, then you've got it, for those that didn't, I just spoiled it for you -  not sorry :)

A couple weeks ago -- more than a couple weeks ago, but let's just go with that -  my friend came to me with an idea for a photo-shoot for her Styling 2 class, to do a Flash Dance theme concept - LOVED IT. We instantly started searching up inspirations, wardrobe, picking out the locations, models and basically trying to bring this great idea to life.

We asked one of out very close friends Krystal to be our model - which was something we easily crossed off the list. Next, was wardrobe, that was a little tricky, not because we didn't have enough picks but probably too much, but we managed and played around with our options. In addition,  I had asked my boss if I could use some of the company's beautiful jewelry pieces -- SHE SAID, YES! -

things were coming along. Then, as for as location, our school has a photo room, so no worries on that part -- we had reserved the date, way ahead of time. Lastly, the make-up was very minimalist and natural, light smokey eyes, foundation, a soft touch of blush and hair well if you know flash dance, there's no need for detail -- but if you don't, it was curly - LIONEST CURLY.

Now as far as the actual photo-shoot day, ughhhhhhhhh, let's just say everything that could go wrong, did.

The ironic thing is that we planned, nothing was left for misinterpretation, but then again things always happen, but let's not assume the worst, we was on point with our time and we made up for all the craziness.

At the End, IT WAS A SUCEESS!!



illy perez