Stop everything, that's what I'm doing.

in the last couple of days I'm been working on the new Style Link Miami SS16 collection, getting ready to launch Andrea Basilis website, plan out a 5 day trip to Vegas for my birthday - make sure all my expenses & finances are ready & prepared before the week of June 23, 22016 plus a lot more other things but for some reason, while there so much to-do that hasn't been finished - i will just stop everything and make sure i share. make sure that i don't neglect and put aside the one thing that inspires me to continue - this website and my non so updated blog.

For some reasons i always find myself explaining myself to why is it not i'm not on here as much writing, creating, and publishing, aside from my perfection issues and a million other of "really good" excuses don't help. so I've just decided i might have to take a new approach to figuring this out (maybe a bit impulsivity?) maybe. - p.s. that is not even a word - but i like it - so i'll leave it.