Aside from my deep rooted love for, editing, styling  & taking pictures, nearly two years ago I found a place where I can exercise my efforts as a whole for a better life fulfilling purpose that helps me knock-out two goals at the same time: 1. cleaning out my closet meanwhile banking in some extra dollas' all from the the leisure of my iPhone or iPad (when I don't wanna get fancy with the pics.)

I first became aware of the app about two years ago when I met Joanne - owner of Style Link Miami -  Poshmark, whom positions themselves as they like to put it "a fun and simple way to buy and sell fashion", meanwhile discovering other women's closets as we pass on our treasures or one can even say out-grown items. Regardless of whether your on there to shop or sell one thing is definite, the community is strong. Even more, from my perspective as a seller it’s a place where great community engagement implimentations takes place to keep its community engaged whether its sending a quote notifications for motivation, hosting a Glam Party theme or just finding designer goodies one thing is for sure, it’s never boring and people love it !

As of recent I made a year 1/2 while actively getting more creative a bit more strategic: showing quality images, styling pieces together so the view-ee can get ideas with what something can make sense with wether its a top, jacket, shoe etc. I even moved my efforts to Instagram where I must say, it’s probably getting better feedback then my personal account (not really but still) the response has been great !

Personally, I've taken it a step further playing around with lookbook based content so I can publish it here (it’s what I do, I can’t help it) plus, I was highly pleased with the editing aesthetics that came about this first batch, so why not !

Photography & Styles by illy Perez

Along aside from it being a growing side hustle. f you too find yourself with extra time to spare, try it out, skim through, recently they've added so many new features as they continue to update for better use and navigation flow. Today the community consists of a handful of categories not just women, but men, kids, wholesaler oppotunities, designer brands, and so so much more. Now you don’t have to get fancy, when I first started, (even till this day) when I first post an item, I either put it on my mannequin or wall then snap a few images that will have to do for the moment. I do my “professional” batches & upload later on. So don’t get discouraged (I’m just a photo-freak). To close off, if you want to reach any type of success remember, that if you are active, continue sharing, engage and stay consistent it’s hard not to win. However I will say this: This is not a get rich, leave my job type of thing - not to say it doesn’t have the potential to be- for the most part as I mentioned earlier for the starters, self-driven hustlers is a good way to rid of what you no longer need and make some money in return. 




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