What a couple of weeks ! While this shouldn’t be a surprise it’s still such a reality check when you get to the place that you where just talking about the other day, feeling like there are still not enough hours in the day to accomplish all of lives goals in one day.

Forward …  

Moving on, last week was not a week I’m really proud of but more of a slap in the face. You know that week that completely takes you by surprise, the one that undoes all the other good ones prior. 

Let Me Elaborate …

Car got towed had to drop $211 on the piece - no ones fault but my own - lost a $390 dollar receipt on a bunch of clothes I would never wear - it was for a shoot. To top it off with a cherry, it was MIDTERM week in my not-so-favorite finesse of a school - not to mention one of the teachers didn’t even show up -  & I’m paying $571 for what again ? For their 2 hour lunches, that's right.

Moral Of The Story Part … 

Lesson : these things happen, while maybe not up to par to other days, sometimes it's necessary to go through life's unwelcomed perks disguised in blessings . As it keeps me both humble and grounded, forcing me to stop and reflect on what it is I’m doing wrong, on what sectors in my life need improvement. That maybe if I worked on this and did that, it could make all the difference.

Don’t Get It Twisted …

Of course I say all this not to complain but just to share with you the reality of what is my reality. Personally, I’m grateful and forever thankful that I get another hour to work on my goals, another day to readjust and another week to balance the scale.

On to the Light at the End of the Tunnel ….

But, that was just the weekday, the weekends always seem to have a softer side for me. Coming in strong was my most recent collaboration with Miami Design District alongside Nicole Gonzalez at Project NM, Carolina Lindo at I'm Not So Sorry Darling and Lyrik at The Lush + Luxe blog doing a full on IG take over of Miami’s new rising fashion luxury district. Starting off with some girl chatter, selfies and flat lays over tea,  a cup of caramel macchiato - 2 shots, some delicious macaroons, and light bite dishes with a side of gray clouds and sparkling rain as we took in the the french bakeries, Ladurée garden view with its intimate partisan feel. After, we were welcomed by the Alice and Olivia team for a tour of the store, introduction to the new BASQUIAT X A+O inspired collection, the option of water or champagne and a fitting room that made me re-prioritize life goals but the true kicker was we got to create a full outfit to capture some great street style action.



Photography by Nicole Gonzalez



After wrapping up at the district, lets fast forward real quick to my next stop taking place at Pembroke Pines for the Grand Opening of one of my favorite Miami stores Think and Believe ! I had the pleasure to roam about picking styles to play dress up with, meet their wonderful new team, and talk to the PR & Marketing crew about future projects and collaborations. All-in-all if you find your self around the area this Made In Italy top-notch quality based brand is a must on the way in or out- I'll leave on that note. 


It’s Not Over …

Well, that was last week this week seems to be just a full on roller coaster of it self. Starting the week off with a photo-shoot at Venetian (tune in on the snapchat (she_illy) or IG story, then following up with the acting lead role as mediator to a not so clear project proposal, to add on, a research paper due by Wednesday, then driving around the corner to finalize and officially confirm another photo-shoot on behalf of Style Link Miami in collaboration with ….. I won't say (stay tuned) At the same time, dropping a Style In The City interview on the SLM blog with fashion blogger I’m Not So Sorry Darling and then we cheers to the weekend with the ultimate  excuse of “it’s my friends birthday” to be the savior of it all.