Im not to big on makeup so I rely on skincare regimes just enough to get me through and maintain my skin. Aside from the whole you are what you eat, I had to finally splurge on a few products after my skin went through some ruff patches a while ago: rough texture, breakouts and blemishes following after. 

Regardless of my tight budget I had to get something, quick. So I hit up my friends around the corner: Walgreens and went straight to the shea products - its the closet thing to something not so chemically damaging and they have worked well in the past for me. While I would have gotten more than 2 items my piggy bank said otherwise having to reduce the list to just two. A must was a moisturizer the 2nd while limited with a few options where between a mask and facial wash/scrub, so as you can see (picture above) I choose the wash scrub.

It's been an official 3 to 4 weeks since my final picks while not miracles overnight surely but slowly these two current essentials have brought much more life into my face. Now, moving on to the Smashbox photo finisher, long ago someone told me, "never to just apply foundation directly to your face, always prep," and ever since I've done just that. One of my to-go's is the photo finish primer, it's like applying velvet on my skin - smooth and soothing.

My ultimate skin test is waking up in the morning looking in the mirror still, fresh, clean and bare and a simple wash, then i use the moisturize., Only when I apply my foundation do I use the primer andIi try to limit this to 3-4 days out of the week so my skin can have some breathing time. 

What's your current skincare routine ? 

** If you have any recommendations or want to share your regime, drop it below ! **