4 days 3 nights, wasn’t so so lost around the city or at least in our rounds when visiting our vendors - everything else we’d figured along the way.


Style Details w/ Links

1. Ho$ customized painted oversized shirt

2. Black Satin Slip Dress

3. Double Sparkling Chokers

4. Framed Sunglasses

5. Laced-up Ankle Bootie



Self portrait shoots before leaving the Airbnb, almost didn't think i had the time two pull a quick inside shooting, But. static that i did ! As much as i wish i had an on-deck photographer ready to capture some great street-style looks as i seamlessly strut through the LA streets while embracing the city pedestrians who stop, stare, glimpse, criticize and admire - it's fair to say i just didn't make nor had the time for all that - not to mention the unexpected heat temperatures rising outside along with my small 2-hour window frame: to get ready, clean-up, pack-up, schedule an uber and make sure i didn't forget ANYTING before leaving to relocate the Double Tree. 

Luckily for me our first stay was good looking and effortlessly beautiful both onsight and on camera. So I was Gucci just getting something.



Last year was my first time ever visiting LA - while my whole idea of the city merely depended on the typical stereotypes and the few stories i’ve heard around throughout time. Nothing would really prepare me for what my own point of view would become. And as i think back there’s only a couple of things that seem to come to mind after that experiencing that first visit - The Day of the Locust by Nathanel West, how much i take for granted the tourist culture in Miami and there has to be more.....

Luckily for me, there was and this time around "we" being Joanne & I - in half of Style Link Miami - stayed 4 days 3 nights and didn’t end up getting so so lost around the city or at least in our rounds when visiting our vendors, for the most part. Everything else we would figure out along the way. 


During our stay we got a chance to meet with some showrooms, visit our top vendors at the Fashion District (Thursday & Friday) for the new SLM: PRE F/W collection - with a focus on shoes, outerwear & accessories _ coming to you before the end of October.

Following up, we had the great pleasure of collaborating with two great LA bloggers who couldn’t have been any more amazing and beautiful then they were ! (Karen Song & Kerstyn) thank you ladies for being so much fun ;) - whom we will be featuring in the SLM +Bloggers We Love sector being released around 10/17-10/24.

Finally, we tye the knot with extra city sightings, better places to lunch and dine,  indulge in some Posh-festing, getting my hands on this amazing Chanel book at are first night stay,  learning the existence of expensive j-walking tickets, straight hot and cold temperatures and lets not ever forget the interesting people that roam about on the streets - never ! All-in-all LA was fun, busy & way better that the last time. Like always i take way to many pictures, so lets not let them go to waste.


Style Details w/ Links

Shirt: Ho$ red customized painted oversized shirt // Dress: Black Satin Slip Dress // Accessories: Double Sparkling Chokers // Framed Sunglasses // Laced-up Ankle Bootie


Some city photos taken last year on my first trip to LA !