So for the last few month I've been working on this new fashion boutique start-up founded by Joanne Echevers. It's fashioninspired by the "city girl" lifestyle, isn'tperfect? Much of it's influences came behind Joanne's lifestyle, Miami girl always on the go, living in a beautiful city and living to the fullest in style.

Throughout this developing process, I must say, it wasn't easy, one thing we had trouble finding was really good quality pieces, in Miami, due to the lack of wholesalers. To add on, shopping online was another fail because something can look so good on screen but then the fabric may lack quality. However we started figuring things out along the way till we finally selected our complete collection, fast forward model searches, cancellations and other minor stumps, everything turned out for the great.  NOW,  finally the site is up and ready for our city babes who know a thing or two about true fashion because it's not what your wearing but how you wear it, that's true style.